LPG Conversion

Petrol LPG Conversion

Many people want the best out of their car and want the best care possible for it. Many car owners would also agree that it would be wonderful if they were to get more mileage for their money and wouldn't complain if fuel prices happened to be cheaper also. It may come as a surprise to many car owners that all of this and more is indeed possible for any car owner. This is through the simple process of a petrol LPG conversion.

Petrol LPG Conversion

What is a petrol LPG conversion?

A petrol LPG conversion refers to the process of converting a car for it to run on LPG instead of petrol. LPG in turn stands for liquid petroleum gas. This is a type of fuel, just as petrol is a type of fuel. However there are a number of differences between petrol and LPG. Converting a car to run on LPG instead of petrol is a quick and easy process although a lot of modifications must be made to the on order to complete this conversion. There are two main ways in which many people can convert their car, either by purchasing a petrol LPG conversion kit and doing it outside of a garage or by leaving their car with a registered garage to complete the conversion.

Why invest in petrol LPG conversion?

There are many advantages to a petrol LPG conversion. The most prominent advantage is the money that stands to be saved once the conversion has been made. LPG is almost half the price of petrol, meaning that fuel bills can be cut on half once the conversion has been made. Also, LPG is a cleaner fuel and better for the cars engine, meaning that time periods between services should be longer, leading to more money saving and also the engine life of the car should be longer. LPG also leads to a quieter engine along with reduced levels of both harmful gases and carbon emissions from the engine.

Are there any downsides to a petrol LPG conversion?

As with anything in life, it is also wise to consider the disadvantages before going ahead with a petrol LPG conversion. Not all petrol stations offer the option of LPG fuel meaning that long journeys may have to revolve around petrol stations that offer the option of LPG fuel. However, this is slowly changing as increasing number of petrol stations are offering LPG to accommodate the ever increasing amount of cars that have been converted to run off LPG. Moreover, it can be expensive initially to convert a car to run on LPG, meaning that many car owners will not have the funds available to complete such a procedure. However, once the car has been converted, any money spent converting the car will no doubt be saved from the drop in fuel prices.

Overall there are many advantages and disadvantages to converting a car in order for it to run on LPG but the advantages seem to far outweigh the disadvantages.

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