LPG Conversion

LPG Conversion MPG

The cost of fuel is high and as such it can be difficult for some car owners to continue running their car. Others may find themselves having to work long hours in order to earn enough money to cover the cost of fuel for a car that they find indispensible. Families in particular may find it difficult to survive without a car and therefore need to find the money in order to run the car. Yes, paying out for fuel is difficult for everyone and yet it doesn't have to be such a strain on the bank balance. There is a way to run a car or any other vehicle for a significantly reduced rate. This is by investing in an LPG conversion for any car or other vehicle.

LPG Conversion MPG

What is LPG and LPG conversion?

LPG refers to liquid petroleum gas. This is a fuel, just as petrol or diesel is a fuel, except LPG costs significantly less than either of these two alternatives. LPG can be used for a wide variety of purposes but by far the most common use is for fuel in a car as an alternative to petrol or diesel. The term LPG conversion refers to the process of converting a car or any other vehicle in order for it to run on LPG. Indeed, it is not simple to start a car running on LPG and this economical fuel cannot just be poured into the existing tank. The car must be modified in a number of ways before it is ready to start running on LPG.

How will an LPG conversion affect the vehicles MPG?

Many people worry about how an LPG conversion will affect the MPG of a vehicle. Whilst it is true that with an LPG conversion MPG will decrease, it is also true that the price of the fuel will cost a lot less. With an LPG conversion MPG will decrease making it necessary to stop and fuel up more regularly. However, with LPG costing almost half of what diesel costs, the saving will still be around 40% for any car that has been converted to LPG. With an LPG conversion MPG is not something that any car owner has to worry about. The only change will be the minimal amount of time one has to stop and refuel!

The advantages of LPG conversions

Apart from the significant saving in money that an LPG conversion will bring about there are many other advantages to investing in an LPG conversion. An engine running on LPG will not only sound quieter but it will leave less of a carbon footprint as well as reducing the amount of harmful emissions produced by the engine. Moreover, with more and more petrol stations now recognising the increase in cars that run on LPG, more stations are offering the option of an LPG pump to cars that run on LPG. Without a doubt, an LPG conversion is a great way to save money and with an LPG conversion MPG is nothing to worry about!

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