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Diesel LPG Conversion Kit

The rising price of fuel has left many people with little money to spend on a car and for car owners the price of keeping a car on the road is extortionate. The advantages of being able to run a car and use it for transportation are innumerable but many today are finding it hard to do this. With public transport also costing a lot of money, many individuals and families alike have to work harder and longer hours and cut back on other daily essentials in order to afford the fuel to run the car. Diesel especially is now at an extortionate rate. It is for this reason that many people have wisely decided to invest in a diesel LPG conversion kit.

Diesel LPG Conversion Kit

What is a diesel LPG conversion kit?

LPG stands for liquid petroleum gas and is a type of fuel, just as diesel is a type of fuel. LPG can be used for many different purposes and is commonly used in items around the home such as in lighters and in patio heaters. But one of the primary uses for LPG is in cars as an alternative to diesel. A diesel LPG conversion kit refers to the act of converting a car in order for it to run on LPG instead of diesel. These kits are widely available and can help keep down the costs of fuel dramatically.

Is a diesel LPG conversion kit expensive?

A diesel LPG conversion kit is not expensive, they will generally cost anywhere from five hundred pounds to over a thousand. This may sound very expensive but when fitted correctly and safely a diesel LPG conversion kit can help any motorist to save significant amounts of money on fuel bills.

Does a diesel LPG conversion kit have to be fitted by the cars owner?

No. There are two options for converting a car in order for it to run on LPG instead of diesel. The car owner can either buy a car conversion kit or the car can be taken to a registered garage that will perform the conversion for the owner. This is even more expensive though and can cost a couple of thousand.

Advantages and disadvantages of a diesel LPG conversion kit

There are many advantages associated with a diesel LPG conversion kit. To begin it is relatively cheap and will ultimately save a lot of money for any car owner. LPG works out about half the price of diesel. However, it is also wise to consider the disadvantages associated with a diesel LPG conversion kit. These kits may have additional costs associated with them what a motorist attempts to fit this kit onto the car. For instance, a garage may use specialist tools and equipment to perform the job that can cost a lot of money. Insurance companies will also request a certificate for a self completed job. This certificate will have to be obtained from a garage after the car has been inspected and it will certify that the job has been done properly and safely.

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