LPG Conversion

LPG Conversion UK

Everybody would love to save money on fuel bills and money that is paid out on a daily basis to run a car. Well now, saving money on fuel is possible for every car owner who takes the step of converting to LPG. LPG conversion UK refers to converting a car within the UK to run on LPG fuel. There are numerous benefits to this process, but by far the most striking benefit is the money that stands to be saved after converting a car to LPG.

LPG Conversion UK

How can I save money with an LPG conversion UK?

It is easy to save money with an LPG conversion UK. Although the initial price of investing in an LPG conversion may seem high, this money can be quickly recovered with the various ways an LPG conversion can save money for each and every car owner. LPG costs around half the price of regular petrol and thus fuel bills can be cut on half after investing in an LPG conversion. LPG is also a cleaner and greener fuel than petrol, releasing less harmful emissions and carbon emissions into the atmosphere. As it is a cleaner fuel, LPG can improve the life of any engine and congestion charges may be reduced or lifted completely for cars that run on LPG. A car with a secondary fuel system may also have a higher resale value than a car that simply runs on petrol.

Where can I get my car converted within the UK?

There are many places within the UK that specialise in LPG car conversions. However, there are also many companies that have garages based around the whole of the UK. These companies are easy to find online and can help point any car owner in the direction of a garage close to them. Using a registered company that is based around the whole of the UK has many advantages. The employees are likely to be trained specialists who are helpful and friendly. These companies may also have offers and discounts on many of their services and will often offer warranties and guarantees with the work they do.

Which companies around the UK will perform an LPG conversion?

Companies that are based around the whole of the UK include The Greenfuel Company, Profess Autogas, Mint LPG, LPG Direct Conversions and Autogas Solutions UK. These companies are either UKLPG approved or LPGA approved and all staff are generally trained specialists when it comes to fitting LPG conversions to cars.

How much will an LPG conversion UK cost?

Using a company that is based around the whole of the UK can often work out a lot cheaper than a local company with only one or two branches. Profess Autogas can perform a single point LPG conversion from as little as £750 including VAT. Mint LPG can perform conversions from as low as £950 and LPG Direct Conversions too can perform an LPG conversion UK on a car with 4 cylinders for as little as £750! Companies such as Autogas Solutions UK may offer different packages to choose from with additional extras included such as courtesy cars and a free tank of LPG.

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