LPG Conversion

LPG Conversion Taxis

These days it costs a lot to run a car and use it as a method of transportation. This is due to a lot of factors including road tax and insurance. But by far one of the greatest costs when it comes to driving a car is fuel. The rising price of petrol and diesel is crippling a lot of families financially. This is especially true when a business depends on being able to run a car, such as a taxi. The rising price of fuel must be so difficult for taxi drivers and the families that they have to support. As the price of petrol increases, so does the money charged for each person using a taxi. As prices increase, no doubt the number of customers willing to pay such a high price for the service will decrease, leaving each taxi driver in a problematic situation. For this reason, many taxi drivers are choosing to invest in LPG conversion taxis.

LPG Conversion Taxis

What is LPG and LPG conversion?

LPG stands for liquid petroleum gas. It is a source of energy and used as a fuel for many purposes, one of the primary purposes for use in cars and transportation. It is possible to invest in LPG conversion taxis that have been ready converted but the most common form of LPG conversion taxis are taxis that have been converted from previously running on petrol or diesel. A car can be converted in two ways, either by paying a garage to carry out the work or by investing in a DIY kit for LPG conversion. Both of these options can lead to a number of benefits.

Why invest in LPG conversion for taxis?

LPG conversion taxis have many benefits associated with them. Firstly, LPG is significantly cheaper than either petrol or diesel. For taxi drivers, a cheap source of fuel is vital. Cheaper fuel can lead to greater profits being made. As taxis regularly do such a large number of miles every day, converting a taxi to run on LPG makes a lot of sense. Not only can LPG conversion cars help to increase profits and keep fuel costs low however but they can also decrease engine noise, decrease harmful emissions and decrease the carbon footprint left by the taxi and its driver.

Disadvantages of LPG conversion

Undoubtedly there are many great benefits to investing in LPG conversion taxis. However, it is also wise to consider the disadvantages of investing in LPG conversion taxis. These cars may be expensive, especially when converting a taxi from one previously running on petrol or diesel. To get this done at a registered garage will usually cost a couple of thousand pounds upfront. Although this cost will no doubt be saved over the first year or two, many people may find it hard to produce this lump sum. Also, not every petrol station offers the choice of an LPG pump, so it is important to find a station nearby that does. LPG cars are great for saving money and reducing harmful emissions but can be expensive initially.

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