LPG Conversion

LPG Conversion Cars

In this current economic climate it can be very difficult to make ends meet. More and more people are finding it difficult to earn enough money to pay for the essentials of daily living and this is especially true as the price of petrol and diesel continues to rise. The price of transportation is not cheap and with even public transportation costing a generous amount of money, many are at a loss as to what to do. However, there is one way that many people have found helps to save money and also reduces the carbon footprint of each family. This is through investing in LPG conversion cars.

LPG Conversion Cars

What is LPG and LPG conversion?

LPG stands for liquid petroleum gas, or liquefied petroleum gas. Some companies also refer to this fuel as liquid propane gas. This is a type of fuel that has many purposes although it is primarily used as fuel for cars. LPG is significantly cheaper than either petrol or diesel which is why many car owners are now converting their cars to run on LPG. However it can be difficult to convert a car to run on LPG. It is possible to buy LPG conversion cars – cars that have already been converted to run on LPG and this is a far easier option than getting a car converted. To convert a car to run on LPG, the car needs to be modified. This can be done using DIY LPG conversion kit, although the easiest, safest and most common way to convert a car is by allowing a registered garage to convert the car.

Advantages of LPG conversion cars

There are many advantages to LPG conversion cars. LPG is far cheaper than either petrol or diesel and any money spend on purchasing an LPG car or on converting a car to run on LPG will no doubt be saved by running the car on a cheaper fuel. What is more, due to the rising number of cars that now run on LPG, many petrol stations and service stations now offer the option of an LPG pump. LPG reduces the noise by the engine and can also reduce the carbon footprint of any family, as well as reduce the amount of harmful emissions that are released from petrol and diesel. In some instances, road tax can also be cheaper for a car that runs on LPG fuel.

Disadvantages of LPG conversion cars

Although there are many advantages to LPG conversion cars, it is always wise to think about the disadvantages. LPG conversion cars may need to pay an excess when it comes to insurance and each car equipped to run on LPG will need a certificate to prove the LPG system is secured, fitted properly and safe. This will cost money, usually around £50. LPG is highly flammable so presents a safety hazard. Also, not all petrol stations offer the option of LPG so be careful when going on long journeys in LPG conversion cars and check for registered stations that offer LPG.

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