LPG Conversion

Gas LPG Conversion

With the rising cost of petrol reaching new heights, many individuals and families and looking for new ways in which to save money and make ends meet. Indeed, the constant battle to provide for a family and keep on providing the daily necessities of life is a hard one. Petrol or diesel for many people comes under the category of daily essentials. With the cost of public transport also proving to be expensive, many people are trying to find ways in which to afford petrol and keep the car running. There is one way that many people have achieved this goal. That is through investing in a gas LPG conversion.

Gas LPG Conversion

What is LPG and what is a gas LPG conversion?

LPG refers to a type of fuel, similar to petrol or diesel. LPG stands for liquid petroleum gas. A gas LPG conversion refers to the act of converting a car in order for it to run on LPG instead of solely on petrol or diesel. Gas LPG conversion takes time and effort. There are two ways on converting a car – either by taking the car to a garage in order to convert it or by investing in a DIY gas LPG conversion kit and doing it without the help of a registered garage. In either case, it is wise to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of a gas LPG conversion beforehand.

The advantages of a gas LPG conversion

There are many advantages of a gas LPG conversion. The main striking advantage is the saving in money that it will afford the car owner. LPG is dramatically cheaper than either petrol or diesel by almost half the price. This means that any car owner who invests in a gas LPG conversion will no doubt earn back the money spent on the conversion in the amount saved on fuel. Moreover, a gas LPG conversion will reduce the carbon emissions and the other harmful emissions produced by the car engine. The engine noise will also decrease with a gas LPG conversion.

The disadvantages of a gas LPG conversion

Whilst there are many advantages to owning a gas LPG conversion car it is also wise to consider the disadvantages and this includes the cost of a gas LPG conversion. An LPG conversion can be initially expensive and a lump sum must be paid to cover the cost. What is more, not all petrol stations offer LPG as an option. Therefore long journeys may often have to be planned around petrol stations that offer the option of an LPG pump. However, due to the increasing popularity of gas LPG conversions, more and more petrol stations are offering this option. Another disadvantage of a gas LPG conversion is that the MPG will decrease. This means that a tank of LPG will be used up quicker than a tank of petrol or diesel. However, the percentage decrease of MPG is far less than the percentage of money saved by converting and so ultimately converting a car still works out cheaper, even with decreased MPG.

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