LPG Conversion

Cheap LPG Conversion

With the cost of daily living ever increasing, more and more families and individuals are finding it hard to make ends meet. The rising cost of life has caused many people to re-evaluate what they really need in their life and what they can afford to lose. One such commodity that has caused many people to question their need for transportation is petrol and the rising price of both petrol and diesel. However, transport is a vitally important necessity and as such many families cannot afford to cut back on the amount of petrol they need. With even public transport costs rising to the point where they rival the cost for fuel, many people despair at what can be done. However, there is one way that many families can decrease outgoings whilst still benefitting from the luxury of running a car. This is by investing in cheap LPG conversion.

Cheap LPG Conversion

What is LPG and LPG conversion?

LPG is a form of fuel, or energy, similar to petrol or diesel. Unlike petrol or diesel however, LPG is significantly lower in price and therefore is ideal for any family or individual looking to save money. A cheap LPG conversion is easy to find and quick to achieve and could lead to much money being saved in the long run. An LPG conversion refers to converting a car to run on LPG instead of solely on petrol or diesel. An LPG conversion needs to take place on any vehicle before it can start to run on this cheaper source of fuel.

It is possible to find cheap LPG conversion?

It is possible to find cheap LPG conversion, yes. There are two ways in which a car can be fitted to run on LPG, either though a registered garage that can perform the transformation or by investing in a DIY LPG conversion kit. Getting any vehicle converted at a garage will cost roughly around two thousand pounds. This may seem like a lot but the money spent on the conversion will no doubt be saved within the first few years on the money for fuel. A DIY LPG conversion kit can usually be bought for around five hundred pounds. This price may be cheaper for some kits and it may be slightly more expensive for other kits. However, when attempting a DIY conversion, additional costs must be taken into consideration such as specialist equipment required and higher insurance costs. Insurance companies will likely ask for a certificate to be issued from a garage after inspecting the car to ensure the conversion has been fitted correctly and is safe and secure.

What are the advantages of cheap LPG conversion?

The main advantage of LPG conversion is the price. The price of LPG is dramatically lower than either petrol or diesel so a great amount of money can be saved. An LPG conversion will also decrease engine noise, decrease the amount of harmful emissions produced by the engine and decrease the carbon footprint of the owner.

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