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DIY LPG Conversion Kits

In this current economic climate it can be a struggle to make money, yet alone save money. Life's essentials and daily requirements seem to be rising in price and daily living can be extortionate. Many people are finding it hard to make ends meet and yet still more people are facing redundancy, job loss and unemployment. In a world where money is so hard to come by, there is one way that many people can save a dramatic amount of money. This is by investing in DIY LPG conversion kits!

DIY LPG Conversion Kits

What are LPG conversion kits?

DIY LPG conversion kits are widely available to buy and refer to do it yourself liquid petroleum gas conversion kits for cars. Many cars run on either petroleum or diesel, and both of these can be very expensive. In fact, the rising price of petrol means that it is getting harder and harder for some people to continue running their cars. For this reason, more and more people are investing in DIY LPG conversion kits. These kits can effectively and easily transform a car into one that runs not only on petroleum, but may also run on LPG, an altogether cheaper source of fuel for any car. This transformation could save any car owner thousands in the long run and any cost of buying DIY LPG conversion kits and installing them is bound to be recovered in the first few years of having the car.

Are DIY conversion kits safe to fit?

DIY LPG conversion kits can be tricky to fit if one is not a trained mechanic. An LPG conversion is usually carried out by a registered garage to ensure that the LPG tank is fitted securely and safely. If DIY LPG conversion kits are not fitted correctly, it can pose a serious safety hazard for both the car and the people inside it. Also, when attempting to install DIY LPG conversion kits it is wise to consider the cost. It could work out more expensive to fit a conversion kit outside of a garage than it would to get a garage to perform the task, due to extra parts that may have to be bought and the specialist equipment required in order to complete the job to a good standard.

Don't forget to consider insurance

It is also wise to consider the cost of insurance once a car has been modified to include an LPG tank. An insurance company are unlikely to believe that a DIY kit has provided a safe and good quality job of fitting an LPG conversion tank without a registered garage or mechanic inspecting the vehicle. This may cost a lot of money, perhaps even more money than it would have cost to get the car converted at a registered garage initially.

Overall, DIY LPG conversion kits are a great way to save money and to cheaply convert a car to run on LPG. However, the time and effort associated with converting a car outside of a registered garage is significant and should be taken into account before purchasing a DIY kit.

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