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LPG Conversion Kit Reviews

LPG conversion for cars has received a lot of acclaim recently as the price of petrol and diesel steadily increases. Many people find it hard to make ends meet on a daily basis and the cost of petrol and diesel only serves to aggravate this problem. For this reason, many people have converted their cars to run on LPG. However it can be difficult to know which conversion kit to invest in and which will give the best performance and mileage. For this reason it is a wise idea to read LPG conversion kit reviews. LPG conversion kit reviews not only give an indication as to which conversion kits are the best but LPG conversion kit reviews can also highlight any potential problems or faults with each kit.

LPG Conversion Kit Reviews

What is LPG and what is a conversion kit?

LPG stands for Liquid Petroleum Gas, or liquefied petroleum gas. This is a type of fuel that can be used for many purposes. One of these purposes is for fuel for a car in place of petrol or diesel. LPG is known to be a lot cheaper than either petrol or diesel and that is why many people today are choosing to run their car on LPG. However, to run a car on LPG the car must first be modified in a number of different ways. A new tank must be installed into the car and the car must match safety regulations. This can be costly when carried out by a garage so many people opt to convert their car themselves. This can be done by investing in an LPG conversion kit. As previously noted however, it is always best to read up on LPG conversion kit reviews before investing in any type of conversion kit.

Some of the best conversion kits on the market

Some of the best kits on the market are the Prins conversion kits and AG conversion kits. This conclusion is based on many positive reviews of these two products. However, be aware that even a very good conversion kit can still become an awful kit if the job is not carried out properly and in the proper manner. For this reason many people decide to get their car converted at a garage. Although this process may cost a little more money initially, the peace of mind afforded the driver that the job has been done properly is priceless. Moreover, when an LPG conversion kit has been fitted outside of a garage there may be other costs associated with this process. For example, a garage will use specialist equipment in order to fit an LPG kit which may be costly to buy when attempting to fit an LPG conversion kit manually as a DIY project. Insurance companies will possibly also charge an excess for an LPG car and will request a certificate issued by a registered garage to show that the kit has been fitted safely and securely. LPG conversion kit reviews can also give indications as to how easy it is to fit a kit and the amount of helpful direction that comes with each kit and also which kit is best for different types of car.

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