LPG Conversion

Cheap LPG Conversion Kits

What is an LPG conversion kit?

LPG stand for liquid petroleum gas, or liquefied petroleum gas. This is a fuel that can be used for many purposes including for use in cars as an alternative to either petrol or diesel. LPG is a very cheap alternative to either petrol or diesel which is why the number of people choosing to run their car on LPG is steadily increasing. However, running a car on LPG is not as simple as pouring LPG into the fuel tank. The car must first be converted in order to run on this fuel. This involves a lot of work in order to install an LPG tank into the car safely and securely. The job has to be done properly as LPG is very flammable and thus needs to be treated with care. This job can be done at a garage but this may cost a lot of money. Instead, a lot of people choose to invest in cheap LPG conversion kits. Cheap LPG conversion kits are DIY versions of the job usually done within a garage and can cost a lot less.

Cheap LPG Conversion Kits

What is the general cost of an LPG conversion kit?

Cheap LPG conversion kits are easy to find and can be bought for as low as £500 for a good quality kit. It is also possible to buy kits for under £500. The prices of conversion kits vary and can rise to over £1000. This may sound expensive but this is still cheap in comparison with the price of getting the job done at a garage. However, there are additional costs to consider before investing in cheap LPG conversion kits.

What are the benefits of investing in cheap LPG conversion kits?

There are many benefits to investing in cheap LPG conversion kits. The main benefit to LPG is that the price of running a car will decrease dramatically and no doubt any money spent on getting the car converted will be saved in the long run from money saved on petrol or diesel. Moreover, because LPG cars are becoming so increasingly common more and more petrol stations are offering an LPG pump. This means that planning journeys does not have to revolve quite so much around finding petrol stations that provide LPG fuel as well as regular fuel options.

Are there any disadvantages of an LPG conversion kit?

It is important to remember that even very good quality conversion kits can become a bad quality conversion kit if they are not fitted properly in the car. For this reason, many people choose to have their car converted at a garage because of the peace of mind that then follows from knowing the job has been done properly and to the proper specifications and safety requirements. Cheap LPG conversion kits need to be of a good quality. It is important to consider additional costs that will apply when fitting cheap LPG conversion kits such as an insurance excess or the cost of specialist equipment to get the job done.

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