LPG Conversion

LPG Conversion Kits for Cars

In this day and age it can be difficult to make ends meet. This is due to the rising cost of living. For some people, it is a daily struggle just to afford basic essentials and necessities. One contributing factor to an expensive lifestyle is the rising price of petrol and diesel. Buying fuel to run a car is perhaps one of the biggest expenses that many families have to pay out in order to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Many people try to combat this by travelling by public transport but this in itself can become quite expensive. Is there any other solution to finding cheap travel? Yes – by investing in LPG conversion kits for cars!

LPG Conversion Kits for Cars

What are LPG conversion kits for cars?

LPG stands for liquid petroleum gas, or liquefied petroleum gas. This gas can be used as a fuel in replacement of petrol and diesel which can both be costly. In recent years, the number of cars converting to run on LPG has increased as the price of petrol also increases and people look for new ways to save money. LPG conversion kits for cars are readily available and enable anyone to convert their car themselves without having to pay a garage to do it.

Advantages of an LPG conversion

LPG is a lot cheaper than either petrol or diesel, making it a great option for people who are looking to save money. LPG conversion kits for cars are easy to find and get hold of with more and more companies recognising the need for cheap transportation and fuel. Petrol stations too are recognising the growing number of cars that have an LPG conversion and as such the numbers of stations that provide the option of LPG gas are rising.

Disadvantages of an LPG conversion

However, there are a few disadvantages related to LPG conversion kits for cars. Fitting a conversion kit to a car needs to be done in a certain way to meet with certain safety regulations associated with having an LPG conversion. Thus it may be difficult to meet these regulations without help from an experienced and registered garage. If an LPG conversion kit is successfully fitted to a car then the insurance may rise due to the combustible and flammable nature of LPG. An insurance company may also request a certificate from a registered garage to conform that the LPG conversion kit has been safely and properly fitted before insurance for the car is granted. This certificate may cost a lot of money and it may save effort, time and money letting an experienced garage convert a car to LPG. Finally a garage may need specialist tools and equipment to convert a car to LPG. These tools may cost yet more money if attempting to fit LPG conversion kits for cars outside of a garage.

Overall, LPG conversion kits for cars are a great way to save money and keep running a car at a reduced price. LPG conversion kits for cars are easy to find and relatively cheap.

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