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LPG Conversion South West

With the price of petrol continually on the rise and growing ever more expensive, more and more people are opting to invest in LPG. Not only is LPG gas half the price of more conventional fuel options such as petrol or diesel, it is also cleaner and greener. A cleaner form of fuel thus results in less harmful emissions being released from the engine and LPG can also increase the life of any cars engine and may even increase the resale value of the car. It is easy to see why LPG is fast becoming such a popular choice with car owners. However, it is always important to research which garages provide this service in your local area before investing in an LPG conversion. This may give a better indication as to what price many garages charge and if there are additional extras included in the cost. Doing this may help any car owner considering investing in LPG save even more money on an LPG conversion south west.

LPG Conversion South West

Where in the south west can I get an LPG conversion?

There are many places in the south west of England that can perform an LPG conversion south west. The south west includes Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Cornwall, Wessex and the Isle of Sicily. Bristol, Devon, Dorset and Somerset are all located in the southwest of England.

Which garages in the south west will perform an LPG conversion?

Among the many companies that provide LPG conversion in the south west are Dorset LPG, Blaze, Cornwall Autogas and MOT Centre, Tamar Country Cars, Avon Autogas and The Greenfuel Company. Dorset LPG is an LPGA approved specialist and is able to convert any vehicle to run on LPG to a high-quality and with great standards of customer care and service. Blaze is a company in Wiltshire that will perform a gas conversion.

How much will an LPG conversion in the south west cost?

The initial cost of an LPG conversion may seem expensive but this money will no doubt be returned to any car owner within a short period of time from the money saved on fuel such as petrol. Even so, it is wise to research different garages and the prices they will charge. The price will vary depending on the type of car converted and the kit used. It is also wise to ask what is included in the cost of each conversion in order to save more money and secure the best deal possible on any LPG conversion south west. Dorset LPG can convert a car from £1200 to £2500 excluding VAT. This will also include a parts and labour warranty. The company Blaze in Wiltshire can perform a conversion for under £1000. Avon Autogas can convert a car from as low as £900 but do offer more premium packages for car conversions. Many companies may provide such additional extras such as courtesy cars whilst the conversion is taking place or a free tank of LPG once the conversion has been completed.

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