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LPG Conversion Kent

LPG is growing increasingly popular and has been dubbed by many as 'the fuel of the future'. This is due to the many benefits that LPG offers to anyone who chooses to invest in an LPG conversion Kent. Although LPG offers many benefits, it is still wise to consider the matter of an LPG conversion carefully before proceeding. This may include researching the garages in and around Kent that offer LPG conversions. This will give an indication as to the price of an LPG conversion Kent, how long it will take and the best offers available.

LPG Conversion Kent

Why invest in LPG conversion in Kent?

There are many reasons to invest in an LPG conversion Kent. Not only is LPG very cheap, almost half the price of more conventional fuels such as petrol, it is also a lot cleaner than either petrol or diesel. This means that the amount of harmful emissions released into the atmosphere is dramatically reduced when a car runs on LPG and the amount of carbon emissions released is also drastically reduced. Due to LPG fuel being cleaner than either petrol or diesel, a car engine that runs on LPG will be cleaner too and the life of the engine may be extended. If an LPG system is fitted correctly and safely by a specialist, the re-sale value of any car may increase due to having two fuel systems fitted.

Where can I get my car converted to run on LPG in Kent?

There are many places in and around the Kent area that specialise in LPG conversion Kent. LPG Auto Conversions is based in Kent and can perform a high-quality LPG conversion Kent. Medway Dual Fuel is another company based in Kent that will perform a conversion to a high standard in as little as two days. AJ Autogas and Gastech LPG conversions are likewise two companies based in and around Kent that can complete an LPG conversion Kent to a high standard. AJ Autogas can convert a car within three days and promise a reliable and high-quality service from start to finish.

How much will an LPG conversion in Kent cost?

Medway Duel Fuel in Kent offer LPG conversions from as little as £700 plus VAT. It is always advisable to look out for additional extras that companies may include to persuade someone considering converting to LPG to use their company. For instance, AJ Autogas not only include a two year warranty on all parts and labour but will also fully wash and valet any car converted to LPG with them and will also include a full tank of LPG fuel for each car converted. Moreover, they offer a courtesy check after 10,000 miles and a reduced rate for routine services after installation. Offers such as this are vitally important when looking for a garage to perform an LPG conversion Kent. Without a doubt there are numerous benefits to be enjoyed after investing in an LPG conversion including a large amount of money saved by switching fuel systems!

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